It takes less than five minutes to create your first survey in Opinyin, and once done, you are ready to launch it and let it start reading your feedback for you. 

When you log in to the app for the first time, the Opinyin app will know and guide you to creating your first survey. After welcoming you will be invited to taken to the following page to create a survey. 


Step 1 - Create your Survey

Add a name for your survey (this will appear in the browser tab if your respondents open the survey in an Opinyin hosted web page) and any notes you would like to include. 

Click save and the survey will be created for you. 

Step 2 - Choose a question type to add

As soon as you click save, you will be taken automatically to the survey and invited to add your first question. You can choose from a range of templates covering industry-leading satisfaction scoring formats as well as Opinyin's unique and highly flexible Linguistic Analysis Feedback Score (LAFS)TM and Questions.

Step 3 - Customise your question

Questions are very customisable in Opinyin to cover your chosen question target topic and question phrasing.

Step 4 - Apply your branding

You can customise the colours of the text, backgrounds, borders and buttons to match your brand as well as add your company's logo linked to your page, and your favicon. 

Once you are done click 'save and close' and this will take you back to your survey page where you can choose to add more questions if you wish.

Step 5 - Thank your respondents for their time and ask for referrals from positive respondents

Acknowledging the time a respondent has taken to give you feedback is important in keeping them engaged with you both as a customer and with future surveys. Opinyin will automatically display a thank you page when a survey is complete. 

You can configure your thank you page with a suitable message as well as add links to other review platforms to positive respondents for referrals by clicking on the 'Configure Your Survey Completion Thank You Page' tab. This will open the following page for you to customise your thank you. 

Once you are done click 'save and close' and this will take you back to your survey page where you can choose to add more questions if you wish.

Step 6 - Launch your survey and let Opinyin start reading all your feedback for you.

Opinyin provides several different ways you can invite customers to respond to your surveys. 

Click on the 'Launch Your Survey' tab, and you will see options to add a hyperlink to your favourite mailing or marketing platform (i.e. Mailchimp) or embed the survey in your website. 

Click on any option to see easy to follow instructions on how to do this. 

Freshdesk App Users

If you are using the Opinyn App in Freshdesk then as soon as you have created your first survey, it will be available to assign to one of your Groups in the Opinyin App admin in Freshdesk.