Please go through the instructions carefully as you need to configure the Opinyin App on both Freshdesk and Opinyin. 

Step 1 – Opinyin Account Creation:

  1. Go to to register for your Opinyin Account. There is a free 21-day trial, and you will not be asked for card details until you chose to continue using Opinyin.
  2. You will get an email asking you to verify your email address. Check your spam folder if it does not arrive. 
  3. Verify your email address and login.
  4. The Opinyin portal will guide you in creating your first Survey where you will be able to set up a single or multi-question Survey using industry-standard NPS®, CES, and CSAT templates.
  5. On the Opinyin menu sidebar, click Settings > Integrations in the Opinyin menu sidebar and make a note of your API key. You will need it for the Freshdesk Configuration.

Step 2 – Freshdesk Configuration


  1. Your Opinyin API key (obtained from your Opinyin Account – see above).
  2.  At least one Opinyin Survey created in the Opinyin Survey Admin Portal.
  3. Your Freshdesk domain name (e.g.,
  4. Your Freshdesk API key. Obtain this from the Profile Settings page. Please note that you should be an administrator on Freshdesk.
  5. Revamped Ticket Fields enabled in your Freshdesk account. If not, a warning is displayed when you install the Opinyin Surveys App. Contact Freshdesk support who will enable this feature for you.
  6. At least one Canned Response in a folder that Agents can access. It should be the Survey invite message to send to the customer when a ticket is closed. Insert the following tag  [opinyin-survey-link]  in square brackets in the Canned Response where you want to insert the hyperlink to the Opinyin Web survey widget precisely as shown. You can create as many canned responses as you want if you would like different text for different Groups. Additionally, you can create a Canned Response with a Survey link that Agents can manually insert into a reply. Please note that due to platform limitations, we only support following placeholders in Canned Responses used for survey invites:









Assigning Surveys to Groups:

  1. Click install, and the admin page is displayed.
  2. Enter your Freshdesk domain, Freshdesk API key, and your Opinyin API key and click Continue.
  3. If you have entered these correctly, you will see a message saying 'fetching details'. The App is getting details of the surveys you have configured on the Opinyin Server. The configuration options will then appear. If you have entered anything incorrectly, you will get an error message to help you. 
  4. Select the folder in which you have created your Survey invite Canned Response.
  5. In the table, select a Freshdesk Group from the dropdown in the first column.
  6. In the next column, select the Opinyin Survey you want to assign to the Group in the previous column. 
  7. Select a Canned Response used when a ticket is closed for the selected Group, in the next column.
  8. Select a Canned Response you would like to provide for Agents to insert manually into a reply. If you do not wish to offer a Canned Response, you can choose the <insert survey link> option which will insert just the Call to Action text specified in the next step as a hyperlink.
  9. Enter the Call to Action text you would like to insert in a survey invite as a hyperlink to the appropriate Survey. It will replace the tag mentioned previously in the Canned Response, or if Agents have the option to insert the link in a message, then it will appear where they place the cursor as a hyperlink to the Survey.
  10. Choose from the final dropdown what type of responses you would like to reopen a ticket automatically. 
  11. Click the + button if you want to add another group and repeat the process above.

Step 3 – App Configuration

Choose when and how often to send Surveys:

  • Minimum Period Between Surveys: Allows you to set how often you survey the same requester. This type of setting is usually called Survey throttling and is essential as customers find over surveying annoying, and it will reduce response rates. Typically 30 days is a good setting; however, this will depend on the nature of your business. Opinyin can advise on this. 
  • Delay Send: This lets you set how long the system will wait before it sends the Survey Invite email after a ticket is closed. It is essential to judge the best engagement time for your requesters to get the best response rates. 
  • Send When Reopened Ticket Closed: Lets you decide if you want to send survey invites for reopened tickets. It is an important consideration to avoid over surveying. However, the minimum period between Surveys will override this, which means even if a ticket is reopened and closed again, the requester will not receive another Survey invite within the Minimum Period Between Surveys.

Email configuration setting:

  • Email Config: This lets you assign which mailbox you would like to be used to send out Survey invite emails. We recommend that you consider using your standard support mailbox in case of a requester replying directly to the Survey invite email with an issue.

Decide who can exclude responses:

  • Permission To Exclude Responses: This lets you decide which roles have permission to exclude responses from the Opinyin data in Freshdesk. The exclusion feature provides the ability to remove spam Survey responses from the analysis.  Once excluded, only Opinyin support can reinstate them so use this feature with caution.

Decide what to do with tickets created by outbound Survey invite emails:

  • Default Group for Survey Emails: By default, Freshdesk creates a new ticket for every outbound email. The status of the ticket created is closed and the group allocation will be the same as the originating ticket. However, this option allows you to assign a specific group for all the Survey Invite tickets, which can avoid confusion and clutter in the ticket views as well as the reporting.
  • Ignore Surveys (Tickets): This allows you to specify a custom tick box on your ticket form which if ticked will prevent the sending of a Survey invite when the ticket is closed.
  • Ignore Surveys (Contacts): This allows you to specify a custom tick box on your contact form which if ticked will prevent the sending of a Survey invite to that Contact at any time.

Step 4 – Using Opinyin in Freshdesk

Opinyin will work seamlessly in Freshdesk. If you have configured it, it will send a survey invite email when a ticket is closed. The process within Freshdesk will create a new ticket assigned to the user whose API key you used during setup.  It will create a ticket with a subject relating it to the original ticket, with a type' Opinyin Survey', assigned to a specific Group if configured, and tagged as 'opinyin-survey', so that you may filter these out if you do not wish to see them in views or reports.

Alternatively if configured, Agents can insert Canned Responses with Survey links in a reply, or wherever they place the cursor in a ticket reply, just the Call to Action text as a hyperlink to the Survey, by clicking the Opinyin Surveys icon on the toolbar at the very bottom of the Reply Editor. Unlike invites sent out automatically on ticket close, this email is sent from the Agent and remains with the original ticket.

The Opinyin Surveys icon on the sidebar menu provides access to both real-time and historical survey data. You can filter the data by date range as well as by customer, Group, or Agent. The App fully respects Freshdesk Group and Role assignments so Agents will only be allowed to see data subject to their assigned permissions.

Freshdesk currently only allows one full page App shown on the menu sidebar per account. If you do not see the Opinyin Surveys icon, then please disable any other full-page Apps you may have installed. We believe that multiple icons for full-page apps will be available soon from Freshdesk, but there is currently no committed timetable for this.

Reports include:

  • Snapshot of your given scores and Opinyin's unique AI-powered Comparative Linguistic Analysis Scores (CLAS)™ over the selected period.  
  • AI-powered pleasure and pain points as well as a list of the response you can filter by score.
  • Topic explorer with AI-driven linguistic analysis filters to discover the reasons for your scores. 
  • Daily and 30-day rolling score trends.

Please note that Opinyin Surveys does not support Internet Explorer 11 or earlier.