When you set up the Opinyin App in Freshdesk you will need an API key. To get this key, you will need to be on a Freshdesk Integration plan.  If you are on the Standard plan, you will need to upgrade. You can do this for free during the free trial period. 

To get your API key

Click Settings on menu sidebar > Integrations > Freshdesk tab

The API key is the unique to your account. It should be kept confidential and never shared. Copy this key to the box in the admin page in the App in Freshdesk during set up. The App will verify it before allowing you to complete installation of the App.

How do I get the API key if I am trialling the Enterprise plan?

Select the Freshdesk Integration plan first and make a note of your API key. Then upgrade to the Enterprise plan. The key will continue to work, and you will be able to experience the advanced features of the Opinyin Enterprise plan.