Opinyin AI is a sophisticated form of text analysis called Natural Language Processing. Its patented methods are used in algorithms that have seen nearly 20 years of R&D and allow it to read free-text feedback and extract nearly 40 linguistic signals from the text. This includes a market-leading range of signals such as;

  • Polarity (sentiment) - positive,negative, neutral
  • Intent Level - how much someone intends to do something
  • Actions - what they intend to do
  • Advice - how much advice is being given or sought
  • Entity recognition - if something is a recognised person, business, or place
  • Classification - identification of themes in the text

With most AI text analytics limited to just Sentiment analysis, Opinyin AI provides an unmatched level of data from the free text, allowing almost unlimited learning and discovery from customer satisfaction feedback. And, unlike other systems, our unique algorithms do not require any special training on your data to work in any domain, allowing it to be provided very cost-effectively.