Opinyin AI is a sophisticated form of text analysis called Natural Language Processing. Its patented methods are used in algorithms that have seen nearly 20 years of R&D and allow it to read free-text feedback and extract nearly 40 linguistic signals from the text. 

The Opinyin Topic Explorer tab in your dashboard lists all of the key topics your customers are talking about and then lets you filter that list using sophisticated linguistic signals including

  • Polarity (sentiment) - what topics are being talked about positively, negatively, or neutrally.
  • Intent - their intent towards the topics 
  • Actions - what action they intend to take in relation to the topic, i.e. buy, cancel, stop, tell, etc.
  • Giving Advice - what topics they are giving advice on
  • Seeking Advice - what topics they are seeking advice on.

These filters let you get almost unlimited discovery by using in them in combination to ask multiple different questions of your data, for example, what topics are my customer giving me positive advice on or what topics do my customers in to buy.