Opinyin automatically extracts pain and pleasure points from each piece of feedback it reads. These are based not only on the sentiment expressed towards the topic but also on a market-leading number of other linguistic signals that Opinyin AI surfaces from the text.

Enterprise plan customers: theme classification is also available. Theming will classify the points into themes and sub-themes that can be customised and aligned with strategic business goals and provide real-time measurement of customer experience against stated objectives. 

Understand the burning issues quickly

Opinyin aggregates all the key points to give the Top 10 Pain and Pleasure points in a pie chart so you can quickly see the things your customers like and the things they don't.  80% of the things you can act on to get the most significant effect will most likely be in this top 10.  

Clicking on the pie segment instantly filters your list of responses so that you can quickly get a view of what you need to do to use the data to the best effect.