Using Opinyin with Mailchimp is very quick and easy to set up.  None of your subscriber's sensitive personal data in your audiences every has to leave Mailchimp, making your business more data protection compliant.

To invite subscribers to respond to an Opinyin Survey carry out the following steps. We have assumed that you have a working knowledge of how to use Mailchimp already.

Step 1. Register for an Opinyin account (click here) if you don't already have one and create your survey. The Opinyin will guide you through the creation of your first survey.

Step 2. Once completed, go to the 'Launch your survey' tab in the newly created survey and click on the 'Web Link' button. This will provide the web URL to your survey. Copy this and keep it safe as you will need it later.

Step 3. Open your Mailchimp account and create the audience you wish to survey. We recommend that you give each subscriber a unique number or code which you can attach to survey invite, so you know who has responded. For data protection compliance, we do not recommend attaching any of the subscriber's personal data to an Opinyin survey URL.

Step 4. Now create a new campaign using your chosen audience. Remember, when creating the subject line to develop text that is engaging as this will increase the open rate of your invite email. Click here to read Mailchimp's advice on this.

Step 5. Once at the content creation stage, remember to include the following best practices when inviting someone to respond to a satisfaction survey:

  • Keep the text as short as possible and jargon-free...less is more!.
  • Say why you are asking for the feedback.
  • Tell the respondent how long the survey will take to complete. Remember, Opinyin uses its unique AI to reduce the number of questions you need to ask to learn what you need, which in turn improves response rates, so try to keep it to a minimum number. 
  • Tell them what you are going to do with the results of the feedback and how they will see that. Let them know that you will use their feedback for something of value to them.

Step 6. Include some call to action text to your survey or maybe an image of the survey question itself and add the Opinyin web link URL we saved earlier as a link. If you want to link the survey response to the subscriber, add the following to the URL. This will tag every survey response with the corresponding subscriber in your audience.


Step 7. Finalise your campaign and launch it. As people start to respond, you will see the data start to appear in your Opinyin dashboard, and if you have tagged it with an ID, then your will be able to look at your lists in Mailchimp to find out who they were for a follow up.