This article assumes you are already familiar with creating canned responses in Freshdesk. Click here for more details on creating canned responses.

When you are creating the canned response to for your automatic survey invite email from your Freshdesk account, the content of the email is really important. There are some golden rules as follows when crafting an effective survey invite:

  • Keep the email content as short as possible. Less is more. 
  • Explain what you want, how long it will take to answer, what you will do with the feedback and how you will follow up. The last point is important with a helpdesk as the more you show the customer its worth engaging, the more they feel its worth investing their time, and typically they will stay more engaged as a customer.
  • Make your survey link call to action really obvious. When you create the Opinyin Survey Invite canned response you can style the tag and the App will pick up this styling with the actual hyperlink it creates.
  • Consider offering an incentive to respond.
  • Thank them for their time.

One other thing that can help continually get great response rates is to regularly tell customers about the feedback you receive, what you have done about it, and if you have an incentive like a prize draw, who has received that. Also deal with feedback on individual surveys. The Opinyin App can be set to reopen the original ticket if the feedback is negative, passive, positive or a combination of these. These will keep customers engaged and make them feel its worthwhile giving you feedback again in the future.

Here is an example of a survey invite sent of ticket close that uses these best practices. The style is quite informal and should be adapted to suit the demographics of your customers and any cultural norms in terms of language.


Hi {{ticket.requester.firstname}}
We have closed your ticket {{}} regarding {{ticket.subject}}. 
[OPTIONAL Win a $250 Voucher]

It's very important to us to know well you feel we are looking after you and would really appreciate it if you could take 1 minute to tell us how you think we are doing by clicking on the following button. We will use your feedback to act on any specific things you mention as well continually improve our service to you. [All customers that provide feedback will be entered into a quarterly prize draw to win a $250 Voucher.] 

Thank you in advance for providing us with your thoughts. We are here if you need any more help or have any more issues, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

TIP: The canned response editor has limited formatting options but if you format it in Microsoft Word and then copy/paste it into the canned response editor, the formatting in Word is preserved.