Sorry. No. Opinyin does not currently support these question types.

Opinyin is focused on taking industry-standard customer satisfaction measures like NPS, CSAT & CES and empowering them with AI to turn the feedback into powerful extra insight for you automatically

We call questions that use checkbox, multiple-choice, data picker & drop-down style fields 'closed'. We don't have a facility for these fields types as typically the AI doesn't have any text to work on in these cases. We designed the AI to try and avoid these types of questions (although we are continually reviewing this) as they limit what you can learn from each response. 

Instead, we encourage customers to provide as much information as they want in as few questions as we can as this increases the amount we can learn from the ever decreasing amount of time you have the customers attention. This gets you better response rates and maximizes learning from each engagement. 

It does mean that you need to accept that if the customer hasn't told you about something that you think is important and they don't (as they haven't mentioned it), then you are just meeting their expectations on your points. It has been shown that the majority of people will only tell you if you are really good or really bad but not if you just did what you said. It has been suggested it actually puts customers off if you ask them about things they don't think were important to them.

To maximize your learning whilst delivering the best customer experience and engagement rates, we recommend:

  • Keep surveys as short as possible.
  • Let your customers focus on telling you about what is important to them.
  • Let Opinyin read the feedback for you.