Yes, but you must ensure that you collect the contact's email address in any Freshchat conversations and then map this to the ticket when the Freshchat/Freshdesk integration creates it.

Freshdesk needs an email address for a contact to send ticket replies. The Opinyin Freshdesk app uses the Freshdesk platform to send out Survey invites there it also needs this information.  If the Freshchat/Freshdesk integration does not map the contact's email address to the ticket when it is created, then Opinyin App will not be able to send a survey invite on ticket close. 

Collecting an email address in Freshchat

We recommend using a bot to do this as this will then collect to information irrespective of the channel you use, i.e. web, WhatsApp, etc.   

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An alternative solution is to use a pre-chat form, but this is only available in the web interface with Freshchat.

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Mapping an email address to the ticket created in Freshdesk

In Freshchat select Admin > Integrations > Freshdesk. Ensure you map the value assigned to 'Email' in Freshchat to the contact in Freshdesk as below: