Yes. You can do this using native Freshdesk Automations

The Opinyin App will automatically update the original ticket with the feedback as a private note. It will reopen the ticket following how you have configured it in the Admin, i.e. if you have set it for a group to reopen tickets on negative feedback.

You can use Freshdesk Automations to do things such as send someone an email, add watchers, mark the ticket as urgent, etc when a ticket is updated.

Automations can be tricky to set up, are often bespoke to an individual Freshdesk user, and other Automations may conflict. You should always check your automations work as expected/required before deploying. 

You can read more about setting up Automations in Freshdesk here:

If you need help setting this up, we can offer this as a service. 

Set up an Automation for negative feedback

You must ensure that you configure your automation to do the following things:

  • The action must be performed by the agent whose API key you used when you set up the Opinyin App in Freshdesk.
  • Even though the Opinyin App may reopen a ticket based on how you configure this in Admin, the status change should be from 'any' to 'any'. If not, this automation may not run if the ticket is reopened before feedback is received. If you are confident this will not happen then, you can use the status change 'closed' or 'resolved' to 'open' as the Opinyin App will reopen the ticket according to your configuration.
  • It must look for the text 'CLAS -' in the last interaction. This is important and must be added exactly as shown, including space between characters and hyphen!

The Opinyin App will attach a tag to the ticket depending on the nature of the feedback you have specified to reopen the ticket in Admin. For example, if you have configured the App to reopen the ticket on negative feedback, the tag 'negative feedback' is added to the ticket. 

Be aware that using the tag may cause the Automation to run unnecessarily as it is a limitation of Freshdesk Automations that they can only check to see if the tag is present and not if tags are added or removed. You may need to look at other Automations or a manual process to remove this tag at some point when the feedback issues are resolved

  • The Automation should look for the tag' negative feedback' against the ticket. If this does not exist, you may need to create it in the Freshdesk Admin > Tags.

An example of an Automation this is shown below: