With market-leading integration into Freshdesk, Opinyin is a highly cost-effective and quick-to-implement CX analysis tool whose patented AI text analytics reads your customers' support requests, giving a real-time view of where issues lie with your services and products and making recommendations on improvements.

Please go through the instructions carefully as you need to configure the App on both Freshdesk and Opinyin.

How to install


Step 1 – Opinyin Account Creation:

  1. Go to www.opinyin.com/register to register for your Opinyin Account. There is a free 21-day trial, and you will not be asked for card details until you choose to continue using Opinyin.
  2. You will get an email asking you to verify your email address. Check your spam folder if it does not arrive. 
  3. Verify your email address and log in.
  4. The Opinyin portal will guide you in creating your analysis channel. Choose the QUES format as the channel to receive ticket descriptions.
  5.  On the Opinyin menu sidebar, click Settings > Integrations in the Opinyin menu sidebar and make a note of your API key. You will need it for the Freshdesk Configuration.

Step 2 – Freshdesk Configuration


  1. Your Opinyin API key (obtained from your Opinyin Account – see above).
  2. At least one Opinyin channel has been created in the Opinyin Admin Portal.
  3. Your Freshdesk subdomain name. This is the first part of your Freshdesk web address - the 'yourcompany' in yourcompany.freshdesk.com.
  4. Your Freshdesk API key. Obtain this from the Profile Settings page. Please note that you should be an administrator on Freshdesk.


  1. Click Install, and the admin page is displayed.
  2. Enter your Freshdesk domain, Freshdesk API key, and your Opinyin API key and click Continue.
  3. If you have entered these correctly, you will see a 'spinner'. The App is getting details of the choices you can use from Freshdesk and Opinyin. 
  4. Click 'New Configuration'
  5. Select whether you want the App to use the Group or Type the ticket is assigned to when deciding to send the Ticket Description to Opinyin.
  6. Select the Ticket Group or Type value you want to match against.
  7. Select the Opinyin Channel Group that contains the channel you want to use to receive the Ticket Descriptions.
  8. Select the Channel you want to use to receive the Ticket Descriptions.
  9. Enable the analysis if you want the App to start sending newly created Ticket Descriptions as soon as the App is installed.
  10.  Click ‘Install’.

Step 3 – Export of last three months of Ticket Descriptions

To give you instant access to its benefits rather than having to wait for data to build up, once installed, the App lets you export the last three months of ticket descriptions for the analysis you have configured.

  1. Click the export button against the analysis listed in the table to export ticket descriptions that match.
  2. You can also choose to export all analyses at once.
  3. Please be patient. It may ticket a number of minutes for the App to export everything. This is due to API rate limits imposed by Freshdesk.
  4. Once an analysis is exported, you can re-export it again in the future, but the Opinyin Server will only import ticket descriptions it has not seen before. Use this feature if you have not enabled an analysis and want to catch it up again.

How to use

1.    Log in to your Opinyin Account

2.    Select the relevant channel you want for the dropdown and the reporting period.

3.    Analysis will appear automatically in the dashboard.

Install the Opinyin Surveys App for Freshdesk (https://www.freshworks.com/apps/opinyin_surveys) and analysis will then be available in Freshdesk as well.