Quick Start

Please go through the instructions carefully. You need to configure the Opinyin App on both Freshdesk and Opinyin. 

Step 1 – Opinyin Account Creation:

  1. Go to www.opinyn.com/register to register for your Opinyin Account. You can try the service for free for 21 days, and you will not be asked for card details until you choose to continue using Opinyin.
  2. You will get an email asking you to verify your email address. Check your spam folder if it does not arrive. 
  3. Verify your email address and login.
  4. The Opinyin portal will guide you in creating your first Survey where you will be able to set up a single or multi-question Survey using industry-standard NPS®, CES, and CSAT templates.
  5. On the Opinyin menu sidebar, click Settings > Integrations in the Opinyin menu sidebar and make a note of your API key. You will need it for the Freshdesk Configuration.

Step 2 – Freshdesk Pre Requisites:

  1. Your Opinyin API key (obtained from your Opinyin Account – see above).
  2. At least one Opinyin Survey created in the Opinyin Survey Admin Portal.
  3. Your Freshdesk domain name (e.g., yourdomainname.freshservice.com).
  4. Your Freshdesk API key. Obtain this from the Profile Settings page. Please note that you should be an administrator on Freshdesk.
  5. Revamped Ticket Fields enabled in your Freshdesk account. If not, a warning is displayed when you install the Opinyin Surveys App. Contact Freshdesk support who will enable this feature for you.
  6. At least one Canned Response in a folder that Agents can access. It should be the Survey invite message to send to the customer when a ticket is closed. Insert the following in the Canned Response where you want to insert the hyperlink to the Opinyin Web survey widget precisely as shown.
  • the text [opinyin-survey-link]  in square brackets 


  • an image that you want customer to click with its URL set to the text 'Survey Link' without the speech marks.

   Step 3 – Freshdesk Configuration

  1. Click install, and the admin page is displayed.
  2. Enter your Freshdesk domain, Freshdesk API key, and your Opinyin API key and click Continue. 
  3. If you have entered these correctly, you will see a message saying 'fetching details'. The App is getting details of the surveys you have configured on the Opinyin Server. The configuration options will then appear. If you have entered anything incorrectly, you will get an error message to help you.
  4. Enter an email address the App can use to alert someone if it has any issues.
  5. Click the Add new survey configuration button. A new survey configuration will be created. Click the Survey Target link or click the three dots and choose 'Edit'.
  6. Select a survey target. This is the ticket setting that the ticket must match for this configuration.  - this defaults to groups but can be changed to ticket type or product.
  7. Select the Opinyin Survey you created in step 1.
  8. Set the Survey throttle - this is the minimum number of days before a customer will be surveyed again.
  9. Select the folder where you created the canned response in step 2.
  10. Tick the box to Send surveys automatically on ticket trigger match.
  11. Change the Ticket Trigger Match value - this defaults to when a ticket is resolved.
  12. Select the canned response you created in step 2.
  13. Click the Add new survey configuration button if you want to add another survey configuration. You can as many as you like!
  14. Click Save and the App will start sending survey invites to your customers straight away.

You are ready to start collecting customer feedback and letting Opinyin read it for you!

Opinyin Surveys Dashboard

The Opinyin Surveys icon on the sidebar menu provides access to both real-time and historical survey data. You can filter the data by date range as well as by customer, Group, or Agent. The App fully respects Freshdesk Group and Role assignments so Agents will only be allowed to see data subject to their assigned permissions.

Reports include:

  • Snapshot of your given scores and Opinyin's unique AI-powered Comparative Linguistic Analysis Scores (CLAS)™ over the selected period.  
  • AI-powered pleasure and pain points as well as a list of the response you can filter by score with each response linked to the related ticket or if also using the Opinyin Surveys App for Freshchat, to the related chat.
  • Daily and 30-day rolling score trends.
  • Topic explorer with AI-driven linguistic analysis filters to discover the reasons for your scores.

Survey Responses For A Ticket

The App provides the ability to see any responses for a Ticket within the ticket itself as follows:

  • Any responses to a survey invite are automatically added as notes to the Ticket history.

  • By opening the Opinyin Surveys dropdown in the ticket side bar.

Survey Responses For A Contact

All the survey survey responses by specific contact to be viewed by going to their Contact Record and clicking the button in the Opinyin Surveys drop down.

This will open the Opinyin Dashboard in Freshdesk in a new tab with the results filtered for the desired Contact.

Additional App Configuration Options

To obtain the best response rates as well as maintaining the best customer experience, the Opinyin App provides a number of configuration options to allow you to optimise each survey configuration.

General Settings

These apply to all survey configurations

  • Grant Roles Permission to Exclude Responses From Data

This lets you decide which roles have permission to exclude responses from the Opinyin data in Freshdesk. The exclusion feature provides the ability to remove spam or inappropriate Survey responses from the analysis and dashboard.  Once excluded, only Opinyin support can reinstate them so use this feature with caution.

  • Grant Roles Permission To View Individual Data For Agents In Their Assigned Groups

By default only the system roles of Supervisor and Administrator can see all data for the groups the are assigned to. This option lets you give the same permission to any custom roles you may have created.

  • Override Agent View Restriction

By default user with just the Agent role is only able to see survey responses to their assigned tickets. This option lets you specify that all users with the Agent Role can see all responses for the all Agents in the groups they are a member of. This lets choose to allow Agents in a group to co-own customer satisfaction.

Individual Survey Configuration Settings

These apply only to the individual survey. This means you can create multiple surveys to match the specific situations you wish to capture customer satisfaction feedback on.

  • Freshdesk Ticket Target Field

    This option lets you choose the specific ticket attribute to which you assign a survey. These include

  • Group
  • Type
  • Product

Please note that where Survey Configuration Targets conflict with the same trigger event, a single Survey Invite will be sent using the precedent - Group > Type > Product, i.e. when ticket fields match survey configurations for a Group and a Type, the Group will take precedence.

  • Freshdesk Survey Target

Based on the choice above this lets you set the value of the specific ticket attribute the ticket has to match to send the survey

  • Survey Language

This option lets you set the language of the survey. You can create surveys in different languages and the App will automatically send the survey in the language of the Customer as recorded in their Freshdesk contact record. You can set the configuration as the default language for situations where the language of the customer is not recorded. The App will send this survey if it can't determine the customers language.

We currently support 13 languages with more coming very soon, so if you don't see your preferred language please get in touch with us at [email protected]

  • Assigned Opinyin Survey

This option lets you choose any of the surveys you have created in your Opinyin account. They will be filtered based on the language setting above.

  • Survey Throttle

This option allows you to set how often you survey the same requester. This type of setting is usually called Survey throttling and is essential as customers find over surveying annoying, and it will reduce response rates. Typically 30 days is a good setting; however, this will depend on the nature of your business. We are happy to advise on this.

  • Survey Hyperlink Text - Call to Action

This is the Call to Action text you would like to insert in a survey invite as a hyperlink. It will replace the tag [opinyin-survey-link] mentioned previously in the Canned Response, or if Agents have the option to insert the link in a message, then it will appear where they place the cursor as a hyperlink to the Survey. This has no effect if you use an image as the Call To Action. If you don't specify a text then the App will insert just the URL to the survey.

  • Canned Response Folder

            This is the folder where canned responses created for survey invites are stored.  

  • Send surveys automatically on ticket trigger match

This allows you to stop the App from sending survey invites even if the ticket matches all the triggers. When creating configurations, you can disable them before saving the settings if you are not ready to go live with the survey.

  • Auto Send - Ticket Trigger Field

This option lets you specify which ticket field change will trigger the survey to be sent. By default it is set to Ticket Status but you can also configure it to use custom fields. However, it is important to note that it is a limitation of the Freshdesk Framework that changes to custom fields do not trigger a ticket update event, so you must also change one of the following ticket attributes at the same time to trigger a survey invite. 

  • The status, priority, type, or source of the ticket is modified.
  • The agent or group associated with the ticket is modified.
  • The ticket is marked as spam.
  • The ticket is escalated for any reason.

 If you only wish to have the agent change one custom field, it is possible to achieve an automatic send using a Freshdesk automation. Please contact us for me details and we will be pleased to assist you on setting this up.

  • Auto Send - Ticket Trigger Field Value

This is the value the ticket trigger field must change to, in order to trigger a survey. This only triggers when the field value changes. 

As noted above this is important if using a custom field, as if the field is changed and then subsequently, an attribute is changed that creates a ticket update event in the Freshdesk Framework, a survey invite will not be sent as Freshdesk Framework does not record the change to the custom event.

  • Allow tickets to be surveyed more than once

This option lets you specify if a ticket can be surveyed more than once. However, the Survey Throttle setting detailed above takes precedence of this.

Tickets can be resolved which might trigger a survey invite and then reopened again. In such circumstances, a second survey invite is not recommended. However there may be circumstances where you may want to send a survey invite again. 

  • Auto Send - Preformatted Canned Response

This option lets you specify the canned response you want to use with this survey. You will only be able to select a canned response that has the survey link placeholder or an image with the URL set to 'Survey Link' . You can match the language of the canned response to the language setting above, the customer gets an invite in the appropriate language.

Please note that due to platform limitations, we only support following placeholders in Canned Responses used for survey invites:

  • {{ticket.requester.firstname}}
  • {{ticket.requester.lastname}}
  • {{ticket.requester.name}}
  • {{ticket.subject}}
  • {{ticket.id}}
  • {{ticket.agent.name}}
  • {{ticket.group.name}}
  • {{ticket.agent.email}}
  • Auto Send - Survey Invite Delay

This option lets you specify how long the App will wait before it sends the Survey Invite email after a invite is triggered. It is essential to judge the best engagement time for your requesters to get the best response rates. 

When using the ticket status to trigger the survey invite a scheduled invite will not be sent if the ticket has been reopened in the interim, i.e. the customer has responded to the message saying the ticket is resolved. 

This requires special consideration when using a custom field change to trigger a survey so please contact us for more advice if this is the case and you envisage a situation where the field value can be changed before the survey invite is sent.

  • Auto Send - Survey Invite Send Method

This option lets you choose one of two methods for sending survey invites

  • Ticket Reply

The survey invite is sent using your configured canned response, as reply on the ticket that triggered the invite. This is default option and the most popular configuration.

  • Outbound email

The survey invite is sent from Freshdesk as an outbound email. This option allows you greater customisation of the survey invite message sent, particularly the message subject which can have a small but positive impact on message open rates.

It is a feature of Freshdesk that this will create a new ticket. However, the App automatically closes this ticket, assigns it a type of Opinyin Survey. This allows these tickets to be excluded from reporting.

  • Auto Send - Outbound Email - Survey Invite Subject Line

As mentioned above, this option lets you set a custom subject line for an Outbound Email survey invite.

  • Auto-Send - Freshdesk Mailbox To Be Used For Outbound Email Survey Invites

This option lets you set the Freshdesk mailbox from which Outbound Email survey invites will be sent. We recommend that you consider using your standard support mailbox in case of a requester replying directly to the Survey invite email with an issue 

  • Auto-Send - Default Freshdesk Group for Outbound Email Tickets

This option allows you to set a Group to assign Outbound Email survey invites, so you can keep these away from other tickets and apply user role permissions to them.

  • Manual Insert Survey Invites

The App provides a feature that allows Agents to manually insert a canned response survey invite in a ticket reply if a survey configuration matches the ticket settings, using a button on the Reply Editor.

This option allows you set whether this survey configuration will be available for Agents to manually insert.

  • Manual Insert - Preformatted Canned Response

This option lets you specify the canned response the manual insert will use.

  • Survey Exclusion Options - Ticket Checkbox Field

This option allows you to specify a custom tick box on your ticket form, which if ticked will prevent the sending of a Survey Invite.

  • Survey Exclusion Options - Contact Checkbox Field

This option allows you to specify a custom tick box on your contact form which if ticked will prevent the sending of a Survey Invite to that Contact at any time.

  • Survey Exclusion Options -  Ticket Types

This option allows you to specify any ticket types that will not trigger a survey invite.

  • Survey Exclusion Options -  Agents

This option allows you to specify any Agents that will not trigger a survey invite.

  • Survey Exclusion Options -  Tags

This option allows you to specify any Tags that will not trigger a survey invite. These must be entered as a comma separated list.

  • Survey Exclusion Options - Email Addresses

This option allows you to specify any Contact Email Addresses that will not trigger a survey invite. These must be entered as a comma separated list. This is useful to exclude any non personal mailboxes that may generate tickets.

  • Survey Exclusion Options -  Domains

This option allows you to specify any Email Address Domain that will not trigger a survey invite. These must be entered as a comma separated list. This is useful to exclude any email addresses that might belong to internal staff.

  1. Survey Response Action - Reopen Ticket on Survey Response Type

This option allows you to specify if a type of response to the survey invite will reopen the ticket. This is important to close the inner loop with customer support by prompting action to address the customer feedback. This functionality is currently based on the score given to the last response in a survey. We have observed that this is a generally dependable indication of customer satisfaction such that the automatic reopening of a ticket is reliable. However, it should not be a substitute for  a regular review of all feedback.