Opinyin does not store your customer/employee details to make life far easier for you regarding data protection laws. We know, every time you have to share sensitive personal data, this creates extra work for you.  Instead, we provide a way of linking your survey invite URL to your own audience data without ever having to share it. 

Attaching your custom data to the survey response

You can attach your data to the response to the "ps' pass-through parameters.  For example, you could connect a customer or contact ID with a survey invite.

Five (5) parameters are available for you to use, ps1-ps5. You add these to the end of the survey URL above using the format '&ps1=YOUR_DATA'.

If using mailing software, you should do this automatically as the software sends out each survey invite using a merge tag where 'YOUR_DATA' is indicated above.

For data protection compliance, we recommend not including any Personal Data in these parameters. Instead, we recommend that you use anonymised identifiers to reference back to your records.

Example:  https://survey.opinyin.com/cuid=33&colid=108&ps1=YOUR_DATA&ps2=MORE_OF_YOUR_DATA

Where do I see this data?

When looking at the responses in Opinyin, you can see a. If you hover over this, it will show you the custom data you attached to the original invite to this respondent.

You can also filter the responses by these custom data passthrus by selecting the drop-down filters at the top of the Survey dashboard.